Why the change?

Covid-19 is highly infectious, and especially so within enclosed indoor spaces. My Covid-19 service updates are detailed below and in the risk assessment document.

Prior to this pandemic, I would most often have come into your home for the appointment and treated your dog with you present, often sat very close by. Without additional precautions in place, this arrangement would be a breach of the current government guidance.

I will review and update the risk assessment regularly as government advice changes. Please do contact me if you have any concerns or questions about the Covid-19 service updates detailed below. 

Risk assessment

Covid-19 means we have to look again at this arrangement and take steps to reduce the risk.

I have completed a new risk assessment, which can be accessed from the button below, which sets out the different arrangements and steps for each scenario. This document will be reviewed and updated as necessary as government guidance changes.

What needs to change?

I will be taking steps including, but not limited to, changing my clothes before every appointment and washing my hands even more regularly than usual as detailed in the risk assessment. I will also be leaving longer gaps between appointments to ensure I have time to take these extra steps.

All payments will need to be made by bank transfer on the day of the appointment if at all possible. I do have a SumUp machine which allows me to take card payment at the appointment if bank transfer is not possible.

For first appointments, we will usually complete the first part of the consultation by email before our first meeting. I will also ask for videos of your dog walking and trotting from the side and front. This will help me to see your dog’s current movement whilst reducing the amount of human contact necessary.

For all other appointments I will contact you the day before or morning of the appointment to get an update. I need to know any changes to your dog’s condition or their medications and anything else that could be relevant to the appointment. I will also ask you to confirm that you do not have symptoms of Covid-19 and have not been asked to self-isolate.

Dog having canine massage treatment



Where possible, appointments will take place in my home clinic rather than your home.

 I will come out and collect your dog. You will, normally, remain outside or in your vehicle unless otherwise arranged. If you do come inside, we will need to maintain social distancing and we will wear both masks if this does not distress your dog.

If you have stayed outside, I will bring your dog out to you after the appointment. Discussion of the findings, outcome and next steps can either take place socially distanced outside, or on the telephone later.

I do understand that coming to my home clinic may not always be possible. The next lowest risk option would be for the appointment to take place in your garden if you have one. This option is reliant upon the British weather cooperating.

We do also still have the option, within the current government guidance, of working within your home following social distancing, good ventilation and other steps as set out in the risk assessment. But this will be the last option considered only if we cannot make the others work.

We will discuss which option is most appropriate for you and your dog when booking.


Symptoms of Covid or in Isolation?

If you or any member of your household have any symptoms of Covid-19 or are in isolation following possible exposure to Covid-19 or shielding, you must let me know as soon as possible. We will need to rearrange the appointment. Late cancellation charges will not be incurred when cancelling for this reason.


Note for New Clients

Veterinary consent is always required prior to treatment.

If you are interested in massage for your dog, please remember that our vets are working really hard to support us and our dogs but some are not yet fully business as usual. So there may be delays in them being able to deal with the necessary veterinary consent forms. Please be patient with them at this stressful time.

The vet consent form can be downloaded here. You will need to fill in the top third and sign it, then give it to your vet to complete the remainder.

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